West Chester Railroad Heritage Association

Become an Associate Member of the WCRHA and help us preserve Railroad History in the West Chester Area. Learn railroading from the "ballast up". Please list your name, address, telephone numbers, email address and other pertinent information below.

Name: __________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________(Cell, Work?)____________
E-mail Address: __________________________________________________
(This information is for the sole use of the WCRHA and is not sold.)
Contact information may be shared with WCRHA members unless you indicate otherwise.

List skills that you have or projects you would like to participate in:
(Train Service, Track Work, Restoration, Maintenance, etc.)




Choose one of the following membership levels:
Regular: $30.00 __________ Basic Membership
Senior:$25.00 __________ Age 65 or older
Student:$25.00 __________ Full Time Student

Please make your check payable to WCRHA and mail to:
WCRHA Membership Chairman
West Chester Railroad
500 S. Adams St.
West Chester, PA  19380

NOTE: The WCRR follows NORAC rules. Rules classes are held annually for members. Members in Train Service or performing Track Work will be "Rules Qualified" for a safer working environment.

27 March 2017