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#4230 is an ALCO C424. It was built for the Canadian Pacific Railway by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1965. It was acquired by WCRR in 2005. It now has a Pennsylvania Railroad paint scheme of Brunswick green and yellow lettering. It is currently in service.

#1803 is an ALCO RS-18. It was built for the Canadian Pacific Railway by the Montreal Locomotive Works in 1960 and retired in 1998. It was bought in 1998 and has been repainted into a Brunswick green with a yellow frame stripe. It is currently in service.

#6499 is an EMD GP9. It was built in 1957 for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as number 6499. It was owned by the Central Ohio Railroad when it was bought for the West Chester Railroad in 1997. It was repainted into a Pennsylvania Railroad scheme in 1998 with help from the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society Philadelphia Chapter and later repainted to its current West Chester scheme.

#3 is an ALCO S-2. It was built in 1949 for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as # 9115. It was owned by Rohm & Haas and numbered #3. It was damaged by freezing and was bought by the Wilmington and Western where it was rebuilt. It was then swapped for an SW600 by its present owner at the West Chester Railroad. It is not currently in service.

#9 is a GE 65-ton centercab switcher. It was built for the US Army in 1941. It was then on the Black River & Western and then the Octoraro Railroad. This locomotive runs, but is in need of a new prime mover. It is currently owned by the Heritage Association. It is not currently in service.

#1 is a 20 ton Plymouth switcher that was donated to the Heritage Association by the Glen Mills quarry where it worked. It was built in the 1940s and was gasoline powered but has been re-motored with a diesel. It is not in service.

Pennsylvania Railroad B60b 'express messenger' Baggage car #9275 was built in the 1920s. It is used as a snack and crew quarters car.

Reading Railroad MUs # 9107, 9109, 9114, 9117 and 9124 were built between 1931 and 1932 by Harlan and Hollingsworth in Wilmington, Delaware. They were self propelled commuter cars used by the Reading Railroad, then rebuilt and known as "Blueliners", and were used then by SEPTA until 1990. All of the cars have had their traction motors and pantographs removed. #9107 has been made into a dining car and is painted a Reading Green. The others are painted Tuscan red and are used for coaches. #9109 is not in service and is under going restoration back to its original "Blueliner" scheme. A long term project began in January 2009 to refinish all of the Lexan windows in each coach.

#642 is a bay window N-7 type built in 1941. Its New York Central Railroad number was 20331 and renumbered to # 21642 by Conrail. It has been restored with new flooring and windows, and has been repainted a maroon color with yellow lettering. In September 2008 it was repainted bright red and re-lettered.

ALCO C424 #4230

ALCO RS-18 #1803

EMD GP9 #6499

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